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Is Building planning and liaison with the local planning authorities something you deal with


We have architects who have strong relationships established over many years of working with the Surrey planning authorities.


Do PD's cover all properties?


Listed buildings and flats Flats are excluded, and there are restrictions placed on PD rights of properties that are within designated areas such as Green belt, conservation areas, National parks and areas of outstanding beauty and also if the building is listed.


How often can you use the Permitted Development (PD) rights?


You can use the PD rights as often as you like.
However the parameters can only be used up once and the PD rights apply to the "private dwelling house" as it was originally constructed or as the "private dwelling" stood at a certain point in time, usually 1st April 1948 when the first Town and Planning Act was passed in Parliament, but there may be local variations where it was applied at a later date specific to the local authority.


How much can I enlarge my property by?


Regulations do differ between England, Wales , Scotland and Northern Ireland. The following points are as a guide and you should seek advice before commencing any building work.
  • 4m to the rear is the limit that you can extend a dwelling by if it’s single storey or 3m if it’s double.
  • Extensions must not go further than the building line of the original dwelling.
  • An extension can not result in more than half of the garden being covered.
  • There are height restrictions but in essence  a single storey extension can not be higher than 4m in height to the ridge and the eaves, and ridge heights of any extension can not behigher than the existing property.
  • Two storey extensions must not be closer than 7m to the rear boundary.
  • Side extensions must be single storey, maximum height of 4m and a width no more than half of the original building.
  • In Designated Areas side extensions require planning permission and all rear extensions must be single storey.